LDP Testimonial: 凯尔Medders

现在招聘 Heavy 设备 and 工业 Engine Techs 马上申请


School: Oklahoma State University
年:2022 - 2023
Current Role: 现场服务 Advisor – Oklahoma City, OK

Why did you choose to participate in the LDP program?

The relationship I witnessed between Chad, Drew and Stratton during my interview. I could tell they all had a good relationship and were able to joke around while getting stuff done.

What types of networking opportunities have been made available to you?

The networking opportunities have been awesome. We have had numerous meetings with high level leaders including directors, VPs and even our dealer principle.

What was your favorite part of the program?

The relationships I built with the other LDPs I traveled and worked with all year. Traveling can be hard but having a good group of guys to laugh with and eat dinner after a long day. These are also the guys who help you improve more than anyone else. Your fellow LDPs work with you day in and day out and can identify where you’re falling short and help you improve.